The Zeta Kappa Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma
Danny Sheffield, Frankie Burnett, Carlton Crawl, Henry Searcy, Nathan Robinson, Charles Baugh, John S. Cowart, Al Patterson, Gregory Holcomb, Robert Allen, Joe Richardson, John Smith, and Charlie Floyd

The ZETA KAPPA chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded at the University of Florida in the winter of 1974. The first line came up with the name 13 DEGREES OF INTELLECTUAL BLACKNESS. There was a lot of frustration in getting this chapter started.

"I can recall having to go back and forth with UF officials to supply documentation," Bro. John Cowart said.

At the time, there were only 5 black Greek organizations on this campus. Sigma emerged as a more positive organization compared to the other fraternities (Kappa, Alpha, Omega), he said.

"People were looking for something real. They wanted an organization which wouldn't remove themselves from the people, but would rather be a part of what was going on," Bro. John Cowart said.

As time went on, Phi Beta Sigma emerged as the frontrunner in many different campus activities. This chapter, Zeta Kappa, was the first Black Greek organization to sponsor a float in the University of Florida homecoming parade (Fall 1974). This event opened the doors for many Black Greek organizations to take part in events that were, traditionally, predominantly white. Zeta Kappa was also the first Black Greek organization to hold office in IFC. The Sigmas were known for trying to get involved around campus.

For the past 33 years, the Zeta Kappa chapter has provided quality programming for the UF campus and has emerged as pioneering leaders among the Greek community.



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